Playful forward!

In UpTrek, a team takes up the challenge: they work together online and learn from each other and from the platform. The group goes on a virtual expedition. They need each other to achieve the goals.

Form is content!

UpTrek contains different learning formats. This can be a quiz or a format that invites you to reflect on your own behavior. With these formats, learning professionals can easily put together inspiring courses themselves.


Let the user think about his or her own position with regard to concrete and current dilemmas.


Apply acquired knowledge, deepen and combine.


Play out a negotiation. Practice buying / selling a business.


Make visible which needs and themes are current.


Compete against each other and emerge as the winner.


Practice conversation techniques, such as giving feedback.


Share feedback in the team, and formulate points for improvement.

No competition, no progress

The players are continuously challenged with small assignments. Sometimes alone, but usually together. Encourage the assignments to practice new behavior together. The intrinsic motivation of the participants is continuously triggered by the use of game mechanisms; when you are challenged, everyone wants to keep developing. The friendly team competition increases motivation and can be linked to an award ceremony.

“The mutual competition motivated me to do my best even more.”

A platform according to your own insight and wishes.

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